P I O N E E R   T O W N

in the High Desert near Yucca Valley, Ca.


and yes...  it does snow in the California Desert!

                                          Pioneer Town - Yucca Valley, Ca

Most people travel past the small sign on Highway 62 in Yucca Valley, in the high desert north of Palm Springs, that points the way to a small little gem called “Pioneer Town”. Originally built in 1946 by the King of the Cowboys, Roy Rogers and a small group of Hollywood Cowboy Actors to become a genuine 'working western town' that doubled as a movie set to shoot the ever-popular of it's day, western movie and television episodes.

Once you make the turn off Highway 62 the first thing you notice is the unique texture of the terrain of jagged rocks and peaks and hillsides that if you are a western movie buff, you could reminisce and envision many western movies stars shooting it out from behind those very rocks. In just a few short but picturesque miles you arrive at a small cluster of rustic buildings with “Pappy & Harriet’s” Pioneer Palace on the corner with it's famous adobe and bottle wall that has been a landmark to the many guests that walked through the door to find themselves inside on of the most unique western bars in the west with wagon-wheel lamps hanging from the ceiling and knotty pine walls and rustic plank wood floors!

The locals hang out here all days and nights of the week and is a hot-spot for live-band entertainment but the adventurous traveler that discovers this place realizes just how special this location actually is and may or may not tell others about it as if to keep a secret and not the spoil the experience with too many visitors that could ruin the atmosphere with their commercial aspirations.

Bikers and Jeepers know of this place and frequently arrive alone or in groups to meet up with others and hang out for a cold beer or some tasty BBQ that that fills the air with the aroma of smoked beef that melts in your mouth on each and every bite whether you choose to dine inside or outside in the pristine desert air under an always crystal blue sky.

If you care to venture away from the atmosphere of Pappy & Harriet's Pioneer Palace and head into town you will see what so many others have missed out on... an authentic western town that includes a general store, a jail, church and even a 6 lane bowling alley that was built to help entertain the local that lived here year 'round since the mid 40's except a period when it was nearly abandoned and considered for destruction until several western gun fight enthusiasts realized it was the perfect venue for their weekend performances and reenactments that take place here on occasional weekends for the small fee of a donation by fascinated onlookers.

Once you have walked through the town you will be hooked not only for the uniqueness of the location but the proximity of the geography on the extreme eastern edge of the San Gorgonio Mountains and Morongo Valley and snow-capped Big Bear Mountain.

Once you have experienced the day you will feel enriched to have this little treasure of a memory tucked in your mind to share or visit another day.

It's these types of places that must be preserved for future generations to experience and appreciate!    Recently...   Sir Paul McCartney performed at Pappy & Harriette's in a concert

that was an im-promptu session as a 'Special Treat' for the Locals and Loyal Fans alike!!!

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