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With Willie G. at Love Ride 25

We're older now but still runnin'

                          Against the Wind...               

                                                    by  Mike Sayer - Editor/ Publisher

We are almost into summer... hopefully everybody has decent weather to ride in with lots of plans to have a great summer!

RFUSA is just starting to recover from a very difficult period of time... (from July 2015 when Chip crashed and almost died, my Mother passing in December of 2015, my Wife Jan getting diagnosed with cancer and then underwent a serious surgery followed by chemo and radiation treatment that literally "kicked her butt"! We are the Phoenix rising from the ashes and making a come-back to being involved in the motorcycle community attending more events and just "getting out there"!

We appreciate your understanding and patience with us and for all those who stood by offering support, love and brother/sisterhood, we are eternally grateful! We could not have made it without you (and you know who you are!) Thank You Times A Zillion!

This is all we have right now but please stay tuned-in and up on two wheels... we'll see you out there, somewhere!


Meanwhile... Be safe, Be Happy and Ride Free!