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                          Against the Wind...               

                                                    by  Mike Sayer - Editor/ Publisher

We are getting deeper in the long forgotten New Year... Be sure to look at our Biker Events Page to see what's going on in your area... There are lots of cool goings-on coming up and remember... we are Bikers... having a bike and living the lifestyle is enough for most of us... Step Up... do something monumental to help someone out... make someone's day! I'm sure it will make you feel better too!

Just a Head's up...  We, in conjunction with "Heal Veterans"  ( www.healvets.org ) are planning an event for sometime this year... we are in the process of determining a time when it won't rain, be too hot... or conflict with another great event... So keep your eyes and ears open for more information!

Meanwhile... Be safe, Be Happy and Ride Free!